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One Year of Dirty Renamon by RandomMadnessityfier One Year of Dirty Renamon by RandomMadnessityfier
Its been over one year since I've uploaded my first Dirty Renamon video and almost a year since I've uploaded the second, which was much more successful.

To celebrate, I've decided to make this crappy picture in Gmod and another one which can be seen on Steam. I do plan on making another Dirty Renamon video sometime this month.

Heavily based on Renamon as portrayed in Dasboschitt's hit, The Tale of Dirty Renamon. Dirty Renamon is a gmod monster and a named recurring character of my videos.

His painis, as seen on this picture with a piece of cake in his mouth, now currently acts as Dirty Renamon's voice or Alternative voice, as Dirty Renamon basically shares the same voice as Hand Banana from Aqua Teen Hunger, but there isn't enough voice clips of Hand Banana to accommodate most conversations.

Dirty Renamon also has a Vagineer vagina, acquired from raping a BLU Vagineer, who was making out with his boyfriend, the RED Painis Cupcake at the time.

Dirty Renamon acquired his Painis Cupcake painis at the same time and place he acquired his Vagineer vagina.

Currently, I haven't really found a major use for the Vagineer Vagina and I believe it will barely make any future appearences.

Dirty Renamon's first video can be seen in this link: [link]

Dirty Renamon's second video:
R3d-M4g3 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sounds like somebody's about to get raped
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